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Power Code e2L

Power Code e2L



Power Code e2L is the compilation and culmination of the work of hundreds of scientists who have dedicated their lives to understanding the natural laws of metabolic efficiency. All natural foods contain some tools needed for efficient metabolism, however there are examples of excellence that stand out from the common foods. 


Power Code e2L is an assembly of the best, the sharpest, the strongest, the most versatile metabolic tools available. Given a set of such excellent tools, even a genetically weak or aged metabolism can produce miracles by the minute.


e2L stands for Eat-to-Live. 

The blood has to carry what the cells don’t want or cannot use. When the cells cannot use the energy, the blood becomes filled with sugars and fats. This is dangerous. When the cells are running well then the blood is clean and there is power.




Power Code e2L provides metabolic support where we need it most. The effects are amazing!



What did you do with my appetite?!?! Most of us eat more than we need. Because we cannot burn the excess calories, we end up packing on the pounds. Power Code e2L unlocks the inside stored energy, so we don’t need to go looking for outside energy by over consuming food.

The specialized formula in Power Code e2L signals your brain when you have had enough. You can eat, you just want to eat less.




In our modern society, most of us use our minds more than our bodies to do our work. Even though our brains only account for 3% of our body weight, they consume 20-50% of our daily energy. Greater alertness and focus are common with a 'can-do' attitude. Increased mental energy helps with a greater sense of self-control. This increased sense of self-control reduces, anxiety, feeling more calm and even joyful. 

Most diets cause “brain fog”, which depletes energy from our brain causing it to function slow. Power Code e2L combats “brain fog” by ensuring the brain has enough energy to keep itself sharp and focused.



When we are “starving” we are driven to eat. Food becomes an obsession. When we move off survival mode, we have time think and choose wisely. We switch from being a COMPULSIVE eater to a DECISIVE eater. 

Power Code e2L helps build resistance to cravings and gives you the power to eat smart, to eat to live, not live to eat.






Energy is one of the most critical needs of every living creature. Metabolism is the conversion of food into usable energy. Power Code e2L provides the 'keys' to unlock the vault to access useable energy. With improved access to our energy reserves, we feel the abundant energy of youth. Abundant energy allows our body to repair faster so we have less pain and sleep better. 

The ingredients in Power Code help your body properly use your food to ensure prolonged energy, feeling alive with out the shakes or jitters.





We want fat loss, not just weight loss. Even though most diets reduce some fat, they end up destroying muscle as a result. As soon as we stop dieting, the fat comes roaring back. The muscle does not! Power Code e2L helps many people lose inches before they lose weight because they are building muscle as fast as they are losing fat. 

The ingredients in Power Code target fat and help your body process fats efficiently. Your body and brain need certain fats to help it function properly. One of the secrets to the Power Code formula is that it teaches the body how to use fat properly.





The blood helps to eliminate waste that cells cannot use. When the cells lack usable the energy, the blood becomes filled with sugars and fats. This is dangerous! When the cells are running well, the blood is clean and the system is powered.







Power Code e2L gets 5 out of 5 stars!!! I've taken a product similar to e2L for the past 10 yrs, BUT Icould only take it twice/wk because it caused headaches! e2L suppresses appetite, eliminates cravings, increases energy & alertness & seems to regulate Serotonin!!! More importantly, it does NOT cause headaches!!! I will be speedily suggesting this to my clients, or anyone who struggles with weight, sugar addiction, binge eating & stress eating!!! Powerful stuff!!! 
- Joy B.

"The Raw Promise Program, and particularly the E2L, accomplished more than just enhanced mental functioning as I also lost weight, gained more vitality, felt better, and increased my physical strength as much as 50%! These physical and mental benefits have fostered a life-changing transformation for me. This gift, to me, has been priceless. Thank you, ForeverGreen, for keeping your Promise!"
- Ken S.

“I have more energy, which makes me happier. I enjoy being around people now! I’ve lost a total of 35 lbs,11 lbs in just the last month. I’ve been able to lift more weight. I was the queen of starvation diets before, now I never feel hungry.”

-Courtney S.


“Power Code e2L helped me lose 5 pounds this week and all I did was do 10 push ups a night. I got lazy and did NOT go to the gym this week, so I can only imagine how much more I could have lost!”

-Dwayne U.


Lost more than 30 pounds. Easy to do, and I’m feeling great. Amazing results!
- Jesus A.


“I lost 10 pounds and 11 inches! This has been the first program I have been able to succeed with. Believe me, I have tried many. It has given me the confidence to continue. I love the FIXX shake in the morning!!”


“Down 4 pounds since Tuesday (today’s Friday)...avoided temptation when stocking up on raw veggies at the grocery store Wed night....I think e2L may be to”

-Debbie W.

“I’ve already lost 30 pounds and I want to lose another 120 pounds. The Raw Promise and e2L have helped my mind and body come together to discern the difference of being hungry/thirsty. I don't crave the garbage food sweet or salty anymore.”

- Mickey B.





– Dr. William Hennen

Holds a Ph.D. in Bioorganic Chemistry from Utah State University. A respected researcher and professor in natural product based drug design and development for thirteen years followed by twenty-one years as a research director and consultant in

the nutritional supplement industry.



“What Power Code does is it gives you the will power and the strength to eat decisively. Power Code e2L neutralizes some of the cravings. It gives you the will power to make the right choice and make an intelligent decision so you are not making compulsive ones.


There are many, many different factors that have to come into play if you are going to lose weight effectively. If we are going to lose weight we have to get rid of that hunger drive, we have to get to a point where we feel a sense of satisfaction. Additionally as your energy goes down your ability to think goes down as well. The ability to make a decision has to involve a sense of distance and an ability to take the time to make a decision. Reacting is not a decision. One of the things that we also wanted to do is not get into these high caffeine jitter types of diets, it tears away from your health, it takes away from your future. So we wanted to create something that would allow your body to create this long term sustained energy.


We want to be a live vibrant person. So what we want to do is make sure that the body is not feeling starvation, but feeling abundance, with abundance we want to build those muscles, we want to do things, we want to use the energy that otherwise we store. A diet plan should beneficially effect both your muscles and your mind."